Cannabis Scraps and The New War On Drugs

I see legalization of industrial hemp ( Cannabis Ruderalis ) has worked its way from underneath the thumb of the WOD ( War Of/On Drugs ).

What should be happening with the elimination of laws restricting hemp, is just that. Reverse all restriction to growing it and, most importantly, a Federal Register apology for including Ruderalis ( if not Cannabis as a whole ) in the expensive, destructive, and ineffective WOD.

Not only are they not admitting that for decades they had no reason to stop the American farmers from growing it, but are going to expand on the government control bureaucracy by building a system to protect us from that which we do not need protection. While we do need time spent on protecting us from the various entities that have no problem polluting our air, water, and food.

Poll after poll shows that the public has little problem making even the psychoactive variety of Cannabis legal ( Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica – POT ), the low THC version should be of no concern. Meanwhile they are spending all this time to counter laws around something that should have never been made illegal. Wasting time on addressing hemp like it’s some plant that is a danger to us all.

What I want? Reverse and otherwise nullify the laws on Ruderalis. Admit that you were incredibly wrong. Apologize for the immense harm you have done to the people of this country, especially the farmers, and move on. It is ditch weed, if people want to ingest it, let them. Tax it as you would any other farm commodity. No committees, boards, or agencies beyond what is already in place for any other agricultural commodity. While your actually making progress, raise the allowable THC in industrial hemp to at least 1%. Apologize to the rest of the world while your being honest, the United States played no small part in getting the revenue generator we know as the WOD going internationally.

Move on to eliminating the prohibition on Indica and Sativa, and let people use what they want. Despite the Shafer Commission recommendation in the early 1970’s that these substances pose no substantial threat, this demonized plant has thrown hundreds of thousands of people into our seriously broken legal system. We don’t even have to include the people that have suffered under prohibition for maladies that have been proven to be helped by Cannabis, to reach an incredible number.

Treat it like beer. You can grow it, you just have to get a license if you want to sell it, and you can’t provide it to minors. Simple.

They act as though this is some new narcotic that has been discovered in the last decade or two. That we really need to be cautious and do more research, even though we have decades and decades of excellent science to look at. Of course, they need to tax us so we know it’s a privilege, and because they can, and we will pay it. The research is done. Just because lawmakers have kept their head up .. er uh in the sand about Cannabis for 70 years doesn’t mean everybody else has. Now, they have had to pull their collectives heads out because the smell of BS is getting so strong that even they notice it. Do they apologize for lying to us for all those years ( or just plain intentional ignorance ), and just legalize it. No, they need to keep the rouse going and use our tax dollars to form panels and commissions to regulate and tax, because, well you know, this is dangerous stuff and since your forcing us to actually represent the people, we need to build a bureaucracy to steal your tax dollars and control you. Not to mention the incredible lucrative drug war, that without Cannabis, would cost a fraction of what it does now, and likely be twice as effective with regard to the drugs that actually ruin lives and kill people. Let’s talk about the hundreds of thousands that die from prescription drugs every year. But it is likely to turn into “If you can’t follow the new rules, we will need more tax dollars to track down those lawbreakers.”. Welcome back WOD.

Then there is Cannabis as medicine. A complicated program created under the guise of allowing those very sick people to use what mankind has used for 1000’s of years. We will give you some sort of access. But, in most cases, only after you have exhausted your body and your wallet on conventional drugs. ( aka protection to Big Pharma ). There is nothing compassionate about the Compassionate Use program.

Every lawmaker for the last 70 years should be ashamed that this has gone on so long. The level of pain and suffering for lack of cheap, non-toxic, and gentle medicine is atrocious. Drop your heads in shame and go find another job if you’re not willing to do this one.

If it weren’t for the people that could have their life and health improved by cannabis, I would advise people to refuse to be manipulated as another revenue source and tell our ‘leaders’ that we will take no less than complete legalization. If not, I’m sure the black market will continue to find a solution where our leaders cannot. The social costs and the blood that are results of the black market doing its thing, will be on our leaders hands. Part of nullifying the laws against Cannabis would be let all prisoners out of jail for convictions that are no longer relevant. Remove the crimes from their record and apologize.

This is so much nonsense. But we will begrudgingly accept it because we will do anything to get our scraps. Be controlled and taxed because we are too powerless to stand up and claim enough is enough.

Yes, That would be a Wonderful, Yet Imaginary Place.

This is a response to a friend that was basing his reality on powerful people doing good for us all and that if that were not the case, they would be punished.

Man o man would I like to live in that world. Where powerful, wealthy, greedy people don’t successfully conspire and collude to make sure they stay on top of the heap. Where those same powerful people don’t spend a good deal of that power and wealth to undermine the laws and agencies set up to police them. Where the agencies that are there to give us voice and protect our interests, were not under the control of the aforementioned ruling class. Agencies that are not starved of the needed money and power, to actually do the job they were created to do. A place where those that are kept in check by strong laws and powerful government agencies did not have the power to render those tools useless. A place where our leaders have humanity’s best interests at heart.

Yep, that surely would be a wonderful, yet imaginary, place.

Sadly we don’t live in that place.

To your point. We know the technology exists to fill our skies with chemicals, whether it be weather modification, warfare, climate change remediation, or simple communications enhancement. The patents are there. The government manuals are there. The potential for gaining or keeping great power and wealth are there. They openly talk of this technology. The ONLY thing, the ONLY thing, that keeps them from doing it, is the honesty and humanity of those that make the rules. If that fails, and we know it has, then the laws and agencies that protect us are our last hope. (See first paragraph).

As with any technology that would not be popular, but benefits those described above. They will employ it when they can, and tell you about it when it’s safe for them to do so. If they tell you the truth at all. What it does to humanity and our planet are not on the top of the list.

We live in a place where there is a substantial divide between what those on the top of the heap can get away with, compared to those on the bottom. They have the power to do illegal things and buy the justice they need or change the rules in their favor.

We live in world where most people know what’s going on, or worse, what could be going on, based on visible reality. They simply do not have the freedom to change things without running into the above described class of greedy humans. Dissent, even in large groups, will be penalized and/or marginalized one way or another. Don’t forget who makes the rules, hint – it’s not us.

Neutrality, Our Government and Religion

“Nothing stands behind the Court’s assertion that governmental affirmation of the society’s belief in God is unconstitutional except the Court’s own say-so, citing as support only the unsubstantiated say-so of earlier Courts going back no further than the mid-20th century,” Scalia wrote.”

What the courts have said, and yes their ‘say-so’ actually has weight of law, is that the government cannot show favoritism toward one religion, or another, or no religion, unless it passes certain tests, usually requiring some secular purpose. I suspect the justices would argue the accusation of ‘unsubstantiated’. Interpreted from the Constitution and quite substantial in its own right.

Justices can and have been on the wrong side of issues many times, that is the nature of interpreting founding documents when the founders are all gone. Times change, and it is up to them to decide what stays and what leaves.

The phrase “respecting an establishment of religion” is not so clear cut that it only comes into play if the government wants to actually create ( or sanction ) a national religion. In which one particular belief system is ok and the rest are second class, or worse. It has been interpreted to mean that the government cannot support or favor any particular belief system, it must remain neutral in those matters. It cannot promote or hinder the individual with respect to religion or lack of religion. The courts have the job of deciding what that neutrality should look like. The common sense answer would be to not support, either with money or power, any particular belief system. Neutrality. No religious symbols on public property, no religious reference on the money, no tax dollars supporting religion, no special privileges or tax breaks for religion, and certainly no religious coercion of children in publicly financed schools. I suspect if the public schools were to offer a true objective course on comparative religion, it could do so. I also suspect it would be the last thing the dominant religion(s) in this country would want. Talk about a generation of freethinkers.

Families are free to exercise their belief system at whatever institution they wish, teach their kids, give their money and time, etc. But the government should stay neutral. That is to avoid ‘respecting the establishment of religion’.

“Historical practices thus demonstrate that there is a distance between the acknowledgment of a single Creator and the establishment of a religion,” Scalia wrote in McCreary. “Publicly honoring the Ten Commandments is thus indistinguishable, insofar as discriminating against other religions is concerned, from publicly honoring God. Both practices are recognized across such a broad and diverse range of the population — from Christians to Muslims — that they cannot be reasonably understood as a government endorsement of a particular religious viewpoint.”

Justice Scalia may be right with respect to most religious observances in this country, but publicly honoring God and The Ten Commandments ( surely he can’t say that with a straight face ) only applies to the majority and that is exactly what the Constitution was trying to avoid, the majority deciding what religion is acceptable. He only reinforces the reason why the government must remain neutral. The Justice may have unwittingly became the poster child for the principle he was trying to refute.

And given the Establishment Clause is followed directly by the Free Exercise Clause (“or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”), one might also infer that the Founders felt that the ability to exercise one’s religion freely is a fundamental natural right. If that is the case, when it comes down to disputes over public displays of religion, it seems that the FFRF are the only party in these disputes actually threatening anyone’s constitutional rights.

Just the opposite, organizations like FFRF are working to make sure everyone, non-religious and religious, can practice their beliefs freely without government coercion.

The notion that the Constitution guarantees “separation of church and state” is an insidious myth, employed by militant atheists to keep Christian communities and individuals from celebrating their faith publicly.

The myth here is that this concept is to keep anyone from practicing their beliefs. Rather it is to keep that freedom safe. Perhaps a little reading on the works of Thomas Jefferson and others on their interpretation of the establishment clause. An ideal to keep everyone safe from the dominant religion using the government as a sponsor. Neutrality, plain and simple.

Our National Myths

One of the many services offered by atheist and freethought organizations ( among others ) is myth-busting. 9/11 is our National myth. Myths are lies that are propagated in order to benefit a few at the cost of the many. David Ray Griffin goes into detail with this idea in his writings.

Myths usually are fairly plausible stories, but eventually they have to insert a miracle in order for them to work.

Flight 77 hit the Pentagon, but it had to level out over a distance of a quarter mile, at over 500 mph, in order to hit the building but not scrape the lawn and not damage the ground floor foundation. It had to be level with the ground and flying almost at near ground level in order to match the smoky flash in the 5 frames video. Experienced pilots say it could not have leveled out at that speed, could not have gone that speed that close to the ground, and would likely have broken apart way before it reached the building. Insert miracle.

Two aircraft hit the Twin Towers. Experienced pilots say they could not have hit that relatively small target going that speed. Plus course corrections at the last minute would have destroyed the aircraft. Insert miracle.

The 2 towers came down at near free-fall speed in the path of most resistance and still had enough power to completely pulverize most of the concrete and office contents to a micron size dust. Insert miracle.

As they fell, the towers ejected multi-ton steel beams laterally for hundreds of feet. All the while maintaining enough momentum to pulverize the lower floors. Some of that debris hit Building 7 and caused enough damage to cause the building to collapse, some floors at free-fall speed, in its own footprint, because of office fires. Later that was changed to the sliding beam theory. NIST said it made sense but declined to release the science behind that declaration. Insert miracle.

The Shanksville flight crashed in a field and was totally swallowed up by the ground, leaving no visible plane debris and no bodies. Although there was one of the engines found in a lake 8 miles away. We can conclude it was shot down. If it was shot down, chances are good it would continue to break up as it headed to the ground and debris would be everywhere. Less need for a miracle, but still.

The official story is not backed up by the evidence. In fact in some cases they don’t even try, such as the NTSB interpretation of the FDR data. But since it is our National Myth, we can’t question. If you do, you will be labeled a fool or a Conspiracy Theorist. A label made mainstream by our national security forces a half a century ago, might want to consider why that was? Have you taken a good look at the things this country has done over the last two decades? To question should be the default position.

It does make one wonder if the reason we insert a supreme being into our politics so often is to keep the idea of myth alive and well. So the notion of believing in something with no proof or even contradictory proof will be maintained as acceptable. An idea to be used as the need arises. It certainly can’t be to set any sort of an example, based on what we see in politics today.

Are Our Leaders Worth Half Staff?

Or is it just patriotic propaganda? Whether you put your flag at half staff or even fly the flag at all, for the 30 days you have been re-commanded to by President Trump, since it was already in effect from a proclamation originally issued by Eisenhower, depends on how you view the deeds of George H.W. Bush. You can view him as one of the important elements of the Bush crime family, a war criminal, and/or a President with good deeds under his belt. It is possible to be all three, very much the situation in this case. Although, as with most any Presidents, what is ostensibly portrayed as good, may or may not have had good intentions, or actually even happened considering we are some of the most propagandized populations in the world, and have been since the benefits of public relations were revealed after WWII, there is too much digging required to assess the actual results of an act. Perhaps the source of the sentiment “Never let a good crisis go too waste”. Let’s not forget ‘Manufactured Consent’.

If you believe that this President, just as all others in that office, cannot help but be guilty of serious crimes that do not deserve such respect, then to fly the flag at all is to admit those crimes were less than the good done. The millions that die, the Democratic nations that were overthrown, and lesser, but serious, crimes to our nation, our Democracy, and the planet. These things, we are to forget about. All normal conduct for an empire leader. Even if the President has no real control over these crimes and atrocities, he is guilty for not standing up and saying so, even if to deaf ears.

But, as we all should know by now, punishment for crimes done by the wealthy and powerful are dealt with by the oligarchy and not by the justice system all the rest of us are subject to. Really just depends on if the crime was against or for those above you or below you on the socioeconomic ladder.

Do We Really Care About Our Planet?

Letter to the Editor circa 2005. Could still apply ( as in ‘no progress’).

Don’t be so surprised

My sympathies to Ms ##### of Waxahachie (Letter to the Editor 5/11/05). With regard to the polluting industries here in Midlothian and all across America, for that matter.

We may convince our local leaders that we as a community would like to clean up these problems, but is that really enough. The current leadership running this country has shown absolutely no concern for the downward spiral our planet has taken, while at the same time giving big business everything it asks for. Since taking office over 4 years ago, more than 300 environmental laws have been weakened, in addition to those simply not enforced. While I think they have faltered badly and should have been impeached yesterday, I see them as a reflection of society

James Watt, Interior Secretary under President Reagan publicly expressed the feeling that his god was going to return the planet to anew. Polls indicate that close to 40% of the population is in agreement with him, 20% of which believe it will happen in the next 50 years. With this sort of philosophy guiding our country, then as well as now, why are we surprised that resources are not devoted to averting long term environmental problems.

The bottom line is there is a price to pay for having a safe, happy, and healthy planet. We have not been willing to pay the true cost of what we consume. We want highways everywhere and inexpensive houses, but we don’t want the dirty air cheap cement gives us. We want local jobs and main-street prosperity, but we continue to buy the cheapest foreign junk we can find. We want healthy food for our family but we put family farmers out of business by the hundreds a year and then feed our kids processed fast food from factory farms. We don’t want polluted skies but gas guzzling SUV’s are the biggest sellers. Heart disease and cancer are the top killers in this country, yet we still consider meat and dairy good for us. We want cheap power but we gripe about the pollution from coal and gas and the danger of nuclear. If we paid the true cost for what we consume by not trashing our planet in the process, a gallon of gas would be 15 dollars, a fast food burger would be 50 dollars, and the cost for highways and houses would jump 100 percent

What can you do? Jump up and down and hope someone is not afraid to ask why, really. Get every person you know to pick an issue and look deep and hard. Tell them ahead of time, it won’t be pretty if not downright upsetting, whatever the subject. Stop listening to the corporate news media. If you’re ready to have your comfortable world upset for the near future and likely beyond, take a couple of hours to visit some of the news sites listed on (like These sites are offering unfiltered news from real people. You can then choose to return to the comfort of the status-quo, those of us jumping up and down will not hold it against you. At least you know.

America has been in the comfort zone too long, both locally and internationally, and the first step is a big one. Hopefully we’ll take it sooner and not later, there is too much at stake.

John McClean

Midlothian Texas

When The 9th Circuit Spoke and Nobody Cared

From the LTE archive circa 2003. ‘Under God’ in the Pledge was in the news.

Thanks Ninth Circuit Court

The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court voted 15-14 to take no

further action regarding its June, 2002 ruling in NEWDOW v. U.S.

At that time they declared that “Under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance was unconstitutional and was the equivalent of government endorsed religion. The First Amendment to our Constitution prohibits government from promoting or establishing religion and religious belief. The Pledge of Allegiance should be secular. It is, ideally, a statement of unity for a free people, regardless of whether one believes or disbelieves in religious teachings. This case has nothing to do with the right of people to recite the

Pledge of Allegiance. The decision by the Ninth Circuit panel focused on the inclusion of two words, ‘under God,’ that were not part of the original pledge. The statement that the United States is a nation ‘under God’ is an endorsement of religion. It is a profession of a religious belief, namely, a belief in monotheism.”

Unfortunately our Attorney General just does not seem to get it when he said that no effort will be spared to preserve the rights of our citizens to pledge allegiance to the American flag or this time when he avowed to defend American’s right to declare their patriotism through the voluntary recitation. This has nothing to do with patriotism and I doubt that any school child considers it voluntary. It’s about linking religion with patriotism and it is wrong for the government to be doing it.

So, yes , Mr Ashcroft , as long as “Under God” remains in the pledge our school children will be deprived of this patriotic exercise.

Yes , Mr Ashcroft , as long as you continue to leave this phrase in, it will be just as unconstitutional as school prayer.

As long as the government continues to attempt to associate patriotism with a monotheistic, obviously Christian, god, they will miss out.

Fortunately, millions of school children everywhere will breathe a sigh of relief that they no longer have to pretend to believe in the majority religion just to show their patriotism. Perhaps the courts are right on , just as they were in 1963 with prayer.

“We may not — we must not — allow public sentiment or outcry to

guide our decisions,” Judge Stephen Reinhardt wrote. “The Bill of Rights is, of

course, intended to protect the rights of those in the minority

against the temporary passions of a majority.”

What the recent decision did change from last June , is to narrow the scope to only encompass school recitation of the Pledge as long as it contains ‘Under God’. If we can eliminate the reference to the supernatural, the Pledge will again include all Americans. Currently it is a religious test, contrary to the fourth amendment to the Constitution.

If we just declare that it is unconstitutional to allow the Pledge in public school because of the religious phrase and do not remove the phrase entirely, we will indeed be doing our school children a great injustice.

Politics and the 2+ Party System

From the ‘Letter to the Editor’ – Midlothian Mirror archives circa Nov 2004. I found 2 versions, you can choose which moves you.

It is unfortunate we have so little choice for leadership in this country. We have the “current leadership” and “perhaps not quite as bad as the current leadership”. It appears to make little difference since the same powers will be running the country, regardless of our choice. We have the Demopublican Party and beyond the fence we have those others that have not been allowed on the playground. Neither of the top two parties are addressing the outrage that exists in this country today. Should I expect them to, that would be admitting that there is something to be outraged about. Really everything is fine, go back to your job, if you have one, your going to need the money.

I hope nobody really still believes the Middle East war is about WMD’s or atrocities committed by the powers in Iraq. Considering Saddam Hussein was committing those same kinds of atrocities when he was working for us, one has to wonder why it took us this long to get a conscience? Is there still anyone who thinks that Iraq had a strong enough connection to the terrorism of 911 to warrant the death of tens of thousands of innocent people in Iraq. I am also sorry if you were taken in by the weapons of mass distraction like “They hated us for our freedom” and “If you don’t agree with us you’re with the terrorists”. This war is about control of Middle East resources, “New American Century”, showing force, and the economics of war. Our nation is dependent on war and its economics, just as Eisenhower warned in a speech after WWII.

Are the American people really comfortable with the tens of thousands that have died in our pursuit of Middle East control? Here we are, nearly 2005 and we are still killing totally innocent men, women, and children with programs like “Shock and Awe”. It’s a disgrace that with all the resources at our command and the power of the American people, we could not accomplish our goal without destroying families, families just like yours and mine. Through no fault of theirs, or anyone they know, their country got itself on the global bully’s hit list. Imagine friends and maybe family being killed outright, or dying from lack of clean water, little food, and poor medical facilities. Infrastructure our military industrial complex is getting rich on destroying and then subsequently getting rich on rebuilding (supposedly). I can see where thousands of new terrorist recruits are willing to give their lives in revenge. I don’t feel safer, do you? We are openly showing the rest of the world exactly what Osama Bin-Laden wanted them to see. The bullying tactics that America employs around the world to get its way. Speaking of Bin-Laden, where is he? Will he ever be captured? Perhaps that’s no longer relevant to the mission.

I’m pleased to see so much information finally coming out about 9-11, although several years late. Most people will never see that so much evidence is in contradiction to this administration’s story. They have so lied to this country about 9-11 and that’s a pretty sorry way to govern. The contradictions and outright lies have been around since months after the attack and are only now hitting mainstream press, in a safe non-alarming sort of way. The major media in this country were and still are fully complicit in the “weapons of mass distraction” effort. They have earned my distrust for years to come for being such cowards.

I would like to set aside one day a week in appreciation of those that went to fight in Bush’s war. They have my utmost admiration. At the same time, we need a day of silence and reflection for all those that paid a greater price and did not return alive. In opposition to the policy of the Bush administration, silently sending them back home and hoping it doesn’t draw too much attention. This country needs to be allowed to mourn each and every loss. Not only our own, but those in Iraq that were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. War should be a last resort and it was not the case for this one. Our leadership lied and many innocent people died.

America can still rescue its reputation for freedom and integrity. We don’t really want the type of respect you show the neighborhood bully because you don’t want to be the next victim. Do we really want to incite the rest of the world to build up it’s own arsenals for that inevitable day when it will be their turn to have something America wants. Do we want everybody on the planet working to rebuild their defenses because of America the bully? But, we are the biggest arms merchants in the world. What goes around comes around.

It may take longer than you think to get back to the America you and I remember from days past, especially if we continue to limit our choices to tweedle-dee and the tweedle-dum of the Demopublican Party. So, Vote Tweedle if you like the way it is. Vote for one of the others if you’re tired of seeing America lose its reputation in the world year after year. But vote, and help your friends and neighbors to vote. Voter apathy tells those in charge; nobody cares, nobody’s watching, and nobody can stop us.

The next is an ever so slightly different version. – ed

I am totally frustrated with, and disappointed in our current leadership. It’s not like we really are offered a choice. We have the “current leadership” or “other than the current leadership”, the same powers will be running the country and little will change. Those that could have made a difference in this situation have remained silent but are just as responsible for our current situation. Mainstream press, are you listening. Moderates in the #2 party, are you listening. It appears we have what Robert Ringer called the Demopublican Party in “Restoring The American Dream” (1979). It’s a shame nothing has changed.

I hope nobody still believes this is about what weapons Iraq had or atrocities they committed. It’s about control of the Middle East, New American Century, and global hegemony. We have become an Empire and it will only get worse. Are we really comfortable with the tens of thousands that have died in our pursuit of Middle East control? Here we are, nearly 2005 and we are still killing totally innocent men, women, and children with our “Shock and Awe”, what a disgrace. With all the resources at our command we could not accomplish our goal without killing families, families just like yours and mine. We had Iraq essentially blockaded for ten years and we could not neutralize the threat he presented. We’re not talking about some subversive organization. This was the active governing body of Iraq, and this is the best we could do. Put your self in their situation for just a moment, I often do and am deeply saddened by it. Through no fault of yours, or anyone you know, your country got itself on America’s bad list. Imagine 20, 30 or 50% of your friends and maybe family being killed outright, or dying from lack of clean water, no waste purifying plants, and little food to go around. Infrastructure our military industrial complex is getting rich on destroying and then subsequently getting rich on rebuilding (supposedly). I can see where we have created thousands of new terrorist recruits. Many seeing all they had being destroyed by this invading force. Another country whose leadership was so entrenched in archaic methods that it could find no better solution to neutralize a threat to both Iraqis and the rest of the world. We are openly showing the rest of the world exactly what Osama Bin-Laden wanted them to see about how America deals with problems around the world. What an embarrassment. Speaking of Bin-Laden, where is he? Word on the net is he will be paraded out just in time to be used in the Bush re-election effort.

It’s great to see all the facts coming out about the 9-11, although way too late. Most people will never see that so much evidence is in contradiction to this administrations story. Information that has been around since months after the attack, it is only now hitting mainstream press. “They hated us for our freedom” and “If you don’t agree with us you’re with the terrorists”, thus began the assault with “weapons of mass distraction”. The major media was in full cower mode and they need to make it right, not to mention begging forgiveness for totally not doing their job. I will never trust them again. The cover-up of the truth behind 9-11 and the efforts undertaken to make sure the 9-11 commission came up with only token gestures to satisfy those in power is disgraceful but wholly predictable. I mean Henry Kissinger, really.

Given the chance, I would like to shake the hand of every person that returns from the Middle East for fighting Bush’s war. They deserve a special day of appreciation for real patriotism and sacrifice. I think we should also have a day of silence and reflection for all those that did not return alive. In opposition to the policy of the Bush administration, silently sending them back home and not allowing the entire country to mourn the loss.

This president has increased the dangers from terrorism 10 fold. This president has increased the danger of nuclear incident by turning it’s back on every major arms control treaty we had going before 2000. Other nations are scrambling to make sure they have defenses against an attack by America should they get included in the Axis of Evil. Arms control was working until Bush. Our world is substantially more dangerous because of Bush. Our constitution is weaker because of Bush and the Patriot Act I and II.

We need regime change in November. Anybody but Bush.

Family and The Constitution

This hails from 2004 when, I think folks were going on about a Constitutional amendment to define family.

Despite the emotional rhetoric, “Traditional Marriage” is not under attack in America. “Marriage Protection” implies that expanding the legal definition of a civil union somehow harms conventional marriage. I think family is the bedrock of society and the foundation of civilization, of which traditional marriage has been a very important part. In light of the various statistics that put the divorce rate at around 50% and a 2003 Rutgers study that 40% of married Americans as not happily married, perhaps we need some alternatives. It just surprises me that traditional marriage has fallen to the point where it is need of an amendment to the United States Constitution to prop it up.

The only thing being attacked here is the position that only certain configurations of family can be rewarded the government seal of approval. This is a religious issue that has once again been turned into a political one. I know for a fact that those who seriously advocate alternatives to conventional marriage are not in any way asking religions to alter their beliefs. Those religions that have a problem with the alternatives can choose, as a group, to simply not allow it “on their watch”. It is wrong to write marriage doctrines and religious ritual into the constitution, thus forcing a particular version of family on the rest of society. Perhaps this is another case of organized religion believing that it has the only rational course for society to follow in order to produce positive results and using the power of the government to make sure everyone follows that course. Families come in many forms and it should be the government’s job to identify those structures that work, and not limit itself by religious doctrine. The alternatives available to establish family units are not going away, regardless of how much legislation is thrown in its path. To modify the Constitution of the United States to codify a religious view of what constitutes family is an insult to our Constitution and turning a blind eye to alternatives. Perhaps those alternatives could work to help some of the many victims created by our limited view of what constitutes a legal family. The improved definition of family should establish parental rights and responsibilities, grant next-of-kin status for such purposes as medical decisions, and insure legal rights with regard to property and taxes. We should also be working harder to address those problems that make it hard for any family to be successful. Lets talk about getting families out of poverty, enhancing air quality, demanding cleaner food, better education for failing schools, affordable health care, and using our tax dollars wisely. Contemplate the possibilities for beneficial programs to help families in light of the expected $200,000,000,000 (yes Billion) we are likely to spend in the Invasion/Occupation of Iraq in service of America’s petroleum addiction.

If you have not registered to vote, do it tomorrow. Please be an informed voter and don’t forget to ask for a receipt, you might need it.

Same Crap, Different Decade

Published around 2006 in response to a Noam Chomsky speech that
is no longer accessible at the original location. But you’ll get the idea. 

One of the more important things that were mentioned in this speech, is the great divide between the thoughts and actions of the people of America and the American government. Almost all of the polls conducted by very prestigious organizations around our nation have repeatedly shown that most of the American people do not support the actions of the American government as they stomp around the world under the guise of spreading democracy. It appears they are doing all but. The people do not support the force that corporations have on government, the money that changes hands during each election cycle, the number of innocent lives that are lost because of our actions, the abuse of civil rights and torture that continue to be sanctioned by our leaders. In general, the lack of respect for civilized society, others and ours.

The problem appears to be that the average citizen does not know that their views are in the majority and consequently feel powerless. For that I blame the compliant (gutless) press in this country. They report what they are told to report and not what they see needs to be reported. We need to express to our representatives what we are and especially what we are not. We need to demand that the press in this country stop being so lazy and weak, and start working for the people and not for the government. Let your representatives know that what we have now is not America and if they don’t understand, vote them out and get someone that does.

America needs to start being proud again. We need to start being innovators and not just consumers. We need to be creators, manufactures, builders, and farmers. We need to earn back, as in retrieve lost, the respect we once had around the world. We have reached an all time low in the relying on others to create our products and be our labor. We have more than enough proud talent in this country to do the job, let’s decide that it’s important enough. Let’s decide that paying the lowest price is not in our best interest. If we need the wal-marts of the world to survive, perhaps it’s time to take a serious look at our problems. If we have a 60 billion-dollar trade deficit with China (thanks Wal-Mart et-al) we have a problem that is killing our country. We are choosing, by paying bottom dollar, chemical laden and genetically modified foods over locally produced healthy food and running our farmers out of business by the thousands. We are choosing throwaway products instead of quality that can be repaired instead of discarded. Putting manufactures out of work at the same time as the main street repair shop. Creating stifling pollution in the process.

Many economists make no secret of their opinion that the only reason that the dollar is still worth anything on the world market is because we are a debtor nation consuming all that we can in a race to the bottom of the ravine. If we go under, the world loses it’s fat customer and it’s major source of weapons. A real source of pride, huh. We are valuable only as arms merchants, consumers, and a source of assets to plunder.

I am willing to pay more for products to keep Americans working instead of that money going to taxes and supporting the person put out of work by sending their job out of America. Assuming the government actually takes responsibility for the un-employed and homeless. It appears the only place this is going to happen is in the small towns of America, where people are fed up with this direction and still have some say. Let’s support the local economy by not joining the race to the bottom.

We need to expect better from our country and those that lead us, either hold up American principles or get out of the way.