Who Would Have Imagined The Such Accidents That Can Happen and Those That Are More Than Ready to Use Them

A good article from Organic Consumers regarding the beginnings of COVID19 and a follow-up article a year later. The world is complicated, and thanks to humans, way more sinister than would be otherwise.



To Losing Friends Over Differing Visions of Reality

This is a post to off-guardian.org lamenting the divide between those that have no trouble seeing the rise of tyranny and the bio-medical police state, and those that do not. In this case it is COVID, as opposed to 9-11 and war two decades ago.

The Great Pandemic Deception

Interesting Information From The Last American Vagabond. These are long but the ideas can be easily conveyed by just listening while tending to other tasks. Be sure to check out videos covering the more ominous government programs going on in the background while they have most of the population distracted, which may be the whole point. It works as long as you allow it.


Also check out The Corbett Report, as mentioned in the above video, he has so many eye opening videos on this subject and many more to wake you up about our system.

As you would expect, both sites are replete with links to everything in the shows.

Time To Send the Kleptocrats Packing. Don’t Settle – Vote.

Once again, thanks to Chris Hedges for laying out what remains of governance in the United States.

Our system is dysfunctional at best, and hopelessly doomed at worst. If we continue to act as if our one party system, masquerading as 2, will invoke real change, we are delusional. Vote in order to give the up and coming alternatives a chance. Don’t vote for more of the same.

If you don’t have a sobering idea of our situation, I have some videos to fix that.

Don’t settle. Vote.

Time to throw off the decades of plutocratic/kleptocratic rule.

November 2020 – Time For A New Direction

If there is one thing that is going to sadden me the most about this voting season, it is our failing to take advantage of the economic reset we are about to experience. While I certainly want to replace our current boy king with an adult, we need to take a page out of the playbook used by those that run this show. ‘Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste’. We need to take this opportunity to re-imagine a better system going forward. That means making it clear to the ruling class that we do not want to return to the smoldering dumpster fire that was life for most people. That ‘normal’ everyone seems to be eager to return to. If we return there, we will be hastening our own extinction and taking a good percentage of life on this planet with us. Well, of the ones we have not exterminated already.

We should take advantage of this economic reset and do a political reset. It is time for the U.S. to climb its way back to being one of the top 5 best places to live in the world, as opposed to about 35th, where we are now. Even trying to maintain 35th place is at the price of death, destruction, and misery in many places around the globe, as we try to maintain the appearance of prosperity, prop up a declining empire, and subvert those nations that do not want to join. Who we elect as leaders goes a long way towards making that goal.

The US Dollar is well on its way to being replaced as the currency everybody in the world wanted or needed, at one time. It was the mechanism that allowed the U.S. to be king of the hill for the last 70 years. There is going to be substantial hardship as the Dollar loses what little value it has. Unemployment, the credit crisis, bankruptcies, re-alignment of the financial markets, the ever increasing income gap, and the general decline in our way of life. While the upper income group is quite happy with their way of life, their desperation is increasing. Usually resulting in more loss of liberty for most of the population as power tries to quell the uprising. It is quite possible if we go back to ‘normal’ we will forever lose the opportunity to peacefully reset our society for the better. We can reverse most of the destructive policies that have been put in place if we elect people with the vision to do so.

A positive change will not happen by rotating through the same 50 year old broken parties that got us to this point. Demand better. Demand choices. When was the last time we saw a real choice of leaders and parties to vote for? The 2 party system has made sure inconvenient voices are pushed out of the debate. They no longer have to answer the important questions about how our society functions and what that means for the future. They don’t have to worry about real promises they have to keep. They are fine with the way things are. You should not be.

Let’s take this ‘opportunity’ to make a drastic change. The old ideas have run their course, and here we are. We are in for some hard times, let’s make it worth it by building something better. Something that works for the majority of the people in it, and by extension every other member of this planet that looks to us for leadership and stability, we have neither at this point. We can do better with the power we currently have as a country. That power just needs redirection under the guidance of those that are willing to put people before profit. Remember to vote, but don’t make yourself sick doing it. Our voting system … well, another time.

American Greatness – Think Again.

A wake-up slap to those that think this country is, or was, anywhere near as great as we are led to believe, by the largest and most well funded propaganda machine on the planet, the U.S. Government, and their enablers.

I still hold hope that we can make even small strides forward despite the power and money amassed against us, but not betting anything on it. To be fair, we are certainly not the only player. We have, however, had more than sufficient opportunity to set humanity on a course that we could be proud to pass to the next generation.

We have the power, wealth, and talent to move in a positive direction. Yet, we have chosen to divide our world into the powerful and the powerless. While the talent that is required to accomplish such a feat is awe inspiring, it’s certainly disheartening. Allow those at top to get more and more, and those at the bottom to get less and less, while keeping those in the middle occupied by consumerism and irrelevant battles, as they choose ( subconsciously or otherwise ) which side they are on. While disaster capitalism and greed ( if they can be separated ) are international, this country has been a prime mover of so many negative actions over the last 200 years. Actions to slow progress and hasten a future that most would not look forward to, even if they had the will to speculate that far ahead. There is little evidence that we are getting smarter in ways that would allow us to make a more peaceful and sustainable world. Unfortunately, evidence for the opposite is in great abundance.

I would advise small doses of the videos below, as they may be counter to what you are being fed by our leadership, those that speak for them, and those that may have a selective and skewed outlook on what being a great country entails. Yes, they are depressing. Just not as depressing as letting the destructive ideas continue unabated.

The first by Chris Hedges warns that we are not only killing each other in the short term and killing our system, but also have set in motion our eventual destruction by killing our habitat. The second one by Aron Ra adds that we are indeed killing our liberty based society by what we allow our leadership to do in our name. The third, from Atheist Edge, how unlikely it is that god(s) will save us, based on past performance. Have a good cry, then stop participating in the destruction.

Cannabis Scraps and The New War On Drugs

I see legalization of industrial hemp ( Cannabis Ruderalis ) has worked its way from underneath the thumb of the WOD ( War Of/On Drugs ).

What should be happening with the elimination of laws restricting hemp, is just that. Reverse all restriction to growing it and, most importantly, a Federal Register apology for including Ruderalis ( if not Cannabis as a whole ) in the expensive, destructive, and ineffective WOD.

Not only are they not admitting that for decades they had no reason to stop the American farmers from growing it, but are going to expand on the government control bureaucracy by building a system to protect us from that which we do not need protection. While we do need time spent on protecting us from the various entities that have no problem polluting our air, water, and food.

Poll after poll shows that the public has little problem making even the psychoactive variety of Cannabis legal ( Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica – POT ), the low THC version should be of no concern. Meanwhile they are spending all this time to counter laws around something that should have never been made illegal. Wasting time on addressing hemp like it’s some plant that is a danger to us all.

What I want? Reverse and otherwise nullify the laws on Ruderalis. Admit that you were incredibly wrong. Apologize for the immense harm you have done to the people of this country, especially the farmers, and move on. It is ditch weed, if people want to ingest it, let them. Tax it as you would any other farm commodity. No committees, boards, or agencies beyond what is already in place for any other agricultural commodity. While your actually making progress, raise the allowable THC in industrial hemp to at least 1%. Apologize to the rest of the world while your being honest, the United States played no small part in getting the revenue generator we know as the WOD going internationally.

Move on to eliminating the prohibition on Indica and Sativa, and let people use what they want. Despite the Shafer Commission recommendation in the early 1970’s that these substances pose no substantial threat, this demonized plant has thrown hundreds of thousands of people into our seriously broken legal system. We don’t even have to include the people that have suffered under prohibition for maladies that have been proven to be helped by Cannabis, to reach an incredible number.

Treat it like beer. You can grow it, you just have to get a license if you want to sell it, and you can’t provide it to minors. Simple.

They act as though this is some new narcotic that has been discovered in the last decade or two. That we really need to be cautious and do more research, even though we have decades and decades of excellent science to look at. Of course, they need to tax us so we know it’s a privilege, and because they can, and we will pay it. The research is done. Just because lawmakers have kept their head up .. er uh in the sand about Cannabis for 70 years doesn’t mean everybody else has. Now, they have had to pull their collectives heads out because the smell of BS is getting so strong that even they notice it. Do they apologize for lying to us for all those years ( or just plain intentional ignorance ), and just legalize it. No, they need to keep the rouse going and use our tax dollars to form panels and commissions to regulate and tax, because, well you know, this is dangerous stuff and since your forcing us to actually represent the people, we need to build a bureaucracy to steal your tax dollars and control you. Not to mention the incredible lucrative drug war, that without Cannabis, would cost a fraction of what it does now, and likely be twice as effective with regard to the drugs that actually ruin lives and kill people. Let’s talk about the hundreds of thousands that die from prescription drugs every year. But it is likely to turn into “If you can’t follow the new rules, we will need more tax dollars to track down those lawbreakers.”. Welcome back WOD.

Then there is Cannabis as medicine. A complicated program created under the guise of allowing those very sick people to use what mankind has used for 1000’s of years. We will give you some sort of access. But, in most cases, only after you have exhausted your body and your wallet on conventional drugs. ( aka protection to Big Pharma ). There is nothing compassionate about the Compassionate Use program.

Every lawmaker for the last 70 years should be ashamed that this has gone on so long. The level of pain and suffering for lack of cheap, non-toxic, and gentle medicine is atrocious. Drop your heads in shame and go find another job if you’re not willing to do this one.

If it weren’t for the people that could have their life and health improved by cannabis, I would advise people to refuse to be manipulated as another revenue source and tell our ‘leaders’ that we will take no less than complete legalization. If not, I’m sure the black market will continue to find a solution where our leaders cannot. The social costs and the blood that are results of the black market doing its thing, will be on our leaders hands. Part of nullifying the laws against Cannabis would be let all prisoners out of jail for convictions that are no longer relevant. Remove the crimes from their record and apologize.

This is so much nonsense. But we will begrudgingly accept it because we will do anything to get our scraps. Be controlled and taxed because we are too powerless to stand up and claim enough is enough.

Yes, That would be a Wonderful, Yet Imaginary Place.

This is a response to a friend that was basing his reality on powerful people doing good for us all and that if that were not the case, they would be punished.

Man o man would I like to live in that world. Where powerful, wealthy, greedy people don’t successfully conspire and collude to make sure they stay on top of the heap. Where those same powerful people don’t spend a good deal of that power and wealth to undermine the laws and agencies set up to police them. Where the agencies that are there to give us voice and protect our interests, were not under the control of the aforementioned ruling class. Agencies that are not starved of the needed money and power, to actually do the job they were created to do. A place where those that are kept in check by strong laws and powerful government agencies did not have the power to render those tools useless. A place where our leaders have humanity’s best interests at heart.

Yep, that surely would be a wonderful, yet imaginary, place.

Sadly we don’t live in that place.

To your point. We know the technology exists to fill our skies with chemicals, whether it be weather modification, warfare, climate change remediation, or simple communications enhancement. The patents are there. The government manuals are there. The potential for gaining or keeping great power and wealth are there. They openly talk of this technology. The ONLY thing, the ONLY thing, that keeps them from doing it, is the honesty and humanity of those that make the rules. If that fails, and we know it has, then the laws and agencies that protect us are our last hope. (See first paragraph).

As with any technology that would not be popular, but benefits those described above. They will employ it when they can, and tell you about it when it’s safe for them to do so. If they tell you the truth at all. What it does to humanity and our planet are not on the top of the list.

We live in a place where there is a substantial divide between what those on the top of the heap can get away with, compared to those on the bottom. They have the power to do illegal things and buy the justice they need or change the rules in their favor.

We live in world where most people know what’s going on, or worse, what could be going on, based on visible reality. They simply do not have the freedom to change things without running into the above described class of greedy humans. Dissent, even in large groups, will be penalized and/or marginalized one way or another. Don’t forget who makes the rules, hint – it’s not us.