To Leave Our Planet and What We Are

When I hear people’s vision for the future of humanity include colonizing other worlds, I think about the movie ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’. That before we export our civilization off of this planet, we get a public visit from a superior benevolent species that will explain that the universe would rather not have us there quite yet. That as long as we confine our self destructive tendencies to our planet, and others are not likely to be included in the subsequent disaster, we can continue in peace, so to speak.

We pollute our air, water, and soil.

We eradicate other species with amazing voracity.

We kill each other for looking different, acting different, and having a different supernatural sky daddy. We kill each other over resources, that could otherwise be shared if killing people was not so profitable. We risk annihilation of society with weapons of mass destruction.

We want cheap energy to the point where we generate waste that will not be safe for hundreds of thousands of years, even if we had a good place to store it.

We do it almost entirely for profit. And we can’t seem to get together and stop it, so it just gets worse. So, naturally, we want to take it on the road.

We are taking a beautiful planet and are on our way to turning it into something that can no longer support us. Not because there are too many of us, but simply from greed and our inability to properly manage it. Unfortunately, the idea that we are going to go off-world and not bring these self-destructive tendencies along, is not realistic. Finding another planet to get off of this one is only admitting that we have lost the battle to keep humanity from destroying this planet, and that leaving is our only hope. Hoping, as we head out to space in a desperate attempt to keep ahead of the destruction we leave in our wake, that we will grow out of this ‘stage’ we’re in before it’s too late. Not admirable in the least.

Hopefully we will pull back from the cliff and fix ourselves before we spread it. I won’t hold my breath, even if it may be a good idea. Especially since most people have no idea of the source nor a clue as to how to stop it.

The Politicization of Our National Security

The idea that our National Security agencies have not been under the thumb of the political machine for decades, can be laid to rest. Much the same with Science. The distilled products have been processed to such an extent that we don’t really know what the original research shows. Gone are the days when money was given to find the truth. Now it is paid to support the policies of those providing the money.

US Report Still Lacks Proof on Russia ‘Hack’

Nice Explanation of the language in S.2943 – National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017

The idea that the bill would not include domestic news as a target is based on simple language and intent. But we all know that if the bill does not forbid it then it will be used that way.

10 Scientific Studies From 2016 Showing Marijuana Is Safe and Effective

The year has seen another mountain of marijuana research, and yet the DEA still lists cannabis as Schedule I, (no medical value). Doesn’t the DEA realize they are about to do a belly skid as the descend the credibility scale.

Source: 10 Scientific Studies From 2016 Showing Marijuana Is Safe and Effective