Time for Another False Flag?

This article says exactly what I have been thinking since our change in ‘leadership’. The new administration is having a bumpy ride and a good many people are pointing to an eminent financial bubble of one sort or another bursting in 2017, seems like it might be a good time for a handy false flag attack like the one that saved Bush and Company in 2001 by giving everybody a common enemy ( didn’t really matter who ), unlimited funding ( for whatever they wanted to do), reduction in Civil Liberties ( you know, for our safety ), and making us forget all those less important issues. Like the Pentagon announcing the week before 911 that it could not account for (lost) 2 trillion dollars, somehow.


Must be something to psychic abilities

Documents uncovered about our fine governments efforts to use mental powers that on the surface were ridiculed. Of course, no secret why they made fun of such things, because they had more potential than they wanted people to know. An entertainment intro to this would be the movie Men Who Stared at Goats. I can only imagine the other powers or inventions that we are capable of, but are not allowed to surface because of the potential to unseat power. Could be they spent a bunch of money and never had success.

The CIA’s Covert Psychics Program Revealed

I hope the days of nuclear energy for electricity production will be gone soon

Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Update — More Cleanup Delays, Continually Rising Costs, & Extremely High Radiation Levels Destroying Cleanup Robots

We have “Plans to remove spent nuclear fuel have been delayed again, this time until fiscal year 2018 at the earliest; new fuel leaks continue to be discovered; cleanup cost estimates continue to rise; 300 tons of radioactive water are still pouring into the Pacific Ocean every day; … ”

One more time – 300 tons of radioactive water is still pouring into the ocean. This happened in 2011. We have not torn down the existing reactors because of … money. It’s cheap energy if you don’t consider the cost to build, to take it down, what happens when it goes wrong, and if we don’t consider the waste. Let’s hear it for disaster capitalism.

CIA Archives Are Made Available On-Line

I’m sure there are more than a few people that would love to wander through the CIA’s treasure trove of documents that are seeing the light of day. I suspect the vast majority are fairly uninteresting depending on your interest in politics and what goes on behind the curtain. Certainly these documents do not contain the exclusions set forth when President Clinton signed the law to release them, but who knows what truths could be uncovered. Should you decide to delve into the pile, you are encouraged to put any particularly surprising information on-line. This organization is inviting users to do just that. corbettreport.com .  If future leadership should decide this is a little too much and moves to block such information. You had your chance.