Will we see past the lies?

My dollars worth ( been a while since a penny was worth anything );

As long as we continue to ignore the criminality in our government, we will be unable to change the direction of this country. The people, including the few that vote, will be seen by those in power as simply an ignorant force to be controlled and propagandized until we give up what little power we appear to have left. After that, it won’t really matter. The techniques used against us, paid for with our tax dollars, are far more sophisticated than most imagine and have been honed over decades. Sowing distrust, dis-information, and obfuscation is no accident. Voting for one controlled candidate or the other will have little positive long term effect because we fail to rectify the underlying lawlessness. We play in the rigged game and expect an outcome, for what little we participate, as if it were not rigged. The population of this country have failed test after test to do what is required to keep our politicians honest. There have been several of these testing events, and most people have failed to recognize them for what they are. One or two more and we will have relinquished what little control we have left.

I have no solution to offer other than to look at history and see how those in power have fooled us in the past. Unfortunately we fail to see through even the sheerest of lies, so I suspect we can only expect them to continue with what works. Even when most agree that they are lies, millions will claim that it is not their fight or are powerless to stop it. Neither is the case.

Corporate media will continue to report that which does not endanger the well being of those paying the bills and pulling the strings. Certainly independent media will continue to call out the lies, at least until those in power find a way to stop them or rob them of power. I’m just not sure it will be enough as long as people continue to trust those that history has shown do not deserve it. There is an incredible amount of information on the internet about what our leaders do in our name, you just have to research and come to your own conclusions. You won’t find solutions on the recommended viewing and reading from the popular corporate media, for obvious reasons. Please seek out alternatives and educate yourself. We may have substantial time to rescue things, but don’t underestimate those that have the power to alter your course should the population get knowledgeable enough to make a positive difference, at least to the rest of us. Good Luck.