Courage Comes In Many Forms

Reprint of a L.T.E. from 2005, response to those that felt pride in pushing their religion on a captive audience.

I can understand the pride that Elaine Davidson felt for the “booming voice that led the class in prayer” during the graduation ceremony (Opinion – Midlothian Mirror 8/31/05). It takes courage to stand up for ones principles. It also took courage to stand up to the majority with the American ideal that we respect others beliefs, don’t push our religion on a trapped audience, and reject the notion that ‘might makes right’. This event should have been an all-inclusive celebration of 12+ years of hard work and a moment to remember for everyone. Unfortunately many were made to feel excluded. This country is not about majority rule and I hope it never gets to that point. I feel pride for those that took the real risk and stood up against the majority for a principle as old as America. Courage does indeed come in many forms.

John McClean