Yes, Our Civil Liberties are Going Bye Bye

This was responding to a Letter to the Editor in Midlothian Mirror in June 2004. Just a blurb, but still putting it out there along with the other stuff that is only getting worse. I don’t know if MISD went ahead with random drug testing, what a disastrous idea.  

Ms Mattocks is right to be concerned for eroding civil liberties ( Midlothian Mirror 6/2 ). Just keep in mind, it’s been building for years. Many feel neither safe nor proud.

We have legitimized “Pre-emptive” war. We can invade other countries based on what they could be doing, even if the reasoning later proves to be false and we knew it.

We have the “Patriot Act”.

This legislation was anything but patriotic to the America I know and love. Simply a laundry list of legislation waiting for the right national emergency. None of which would have passed had it been read and debated. None of it so needed as to relinquish our civil liberties. “Patriot Act II” is not far behind, beware.

We have ‘Random Drug Testing”

We are now testing individual school age kids for drugs before we have any proof they are using them. The word “Random” changes nothing. Guilty until proven innocent. If we’re going to apply this reasoning to the kids, let’s apply it to the entire MISD staff. How many people would tolerate random stopping of 25% of the vehicles on the road, just in case.

We have “Enemy Combatants” held in Off-shore prisons. Just like the corporate big boys, move outside the borders and you don’t have to obey the laws.

Sorry, there is no one agency to talk to about this. It comes from the top. You can however vote in November. Regime change begins at home.

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