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This site is in no way associated with the City of Midlothian,
but they do come up in conversation.

City Of Midlothian


Midlothian Breathe
Midlothian Freethought

National and International

( Bold Text for Favorites of The Moment )

Most of these are only useful if you want
 to really know what's going on. If the interest is not there,
mainstream news should do just fine. You will just have to get
used to that gnawing feeling that the world may be operating by different rules than you are lead to believe.

Global Research
One of the many sites speaking out
about 9/11. Unfortunately here we are again. 

Law and DisOrder


Popular Resistance

Corbett Report
One of the best researchers around on so many topic.
You won’t be disappointed. 

Media Roots

Consortium News

MintPress News

Anti Media

CounterSpin ( by )

Currently Mildly Censored media. 
Yes, critical thinking skills are required. 

Empire Exposed

Act Out Podcast

Guns and Butter 
This site has been around for many many years.
Like Corbett, they talk about almost everything in terms
that will sound so familiar, at least to your gut anyway.

The Last American Vagabond
Thanks to Ryan for getting important information out. 
I don’t agree with his interpretation about everything, but
he provides sources for what the powerful are saying.
Usually not what they say on the short-term news cycle. 

The Gray Zone

Unlimited Hangout
If you like to delve into what our ‘clandestine’ government agencies are 
up to, this ( along with Covert Action Magazine )  are the place 
to visit. Thanks Whitney Webb.


Covert Action Magazine
Good source of what we do as a nation, usually in the background.