A Rabbit Hole Awaits

Want to completely change the direction of this country, ultimately in a positive way? Look into Sept 11th 2001. Instead of banking on the hope and change from one election cycle to the next, do something foundational. Expose the theater we are operating under. We may actually get back control of our country. It is unlikely to happen without exposing this theater. It would not be easy or painless, which is why most people don’t want to know the truth. It is easier to operate as an actor forced to participate. When we have this many things that don’t add up, it should bring into doubt everything we know about this event. Then we can look at every other event with the proper perspective. Play it several times. If you feel sick, it means you paid attention. Yes, there are many more videos and it is the proverbial rabbit hole.

Watch here http://www.conspiracydocumentaries.com/911conspiracy/incontrovertible/ or one of your favorite video sites.

The True 911 Criminals are Still Out There

This is a brief audio done by CorbettReport.com detailing those that should be investigated ( and jailed ) regarding 911. His idea is to start with some of the low level criminals and work our way up. But, as he laments, those responsible for this will never be brought to justice. They will continue to commit these crimes because they work, against a population that suspects nothing.

Time for Another False Flag?

This article says exactly what I have been thinking since our change in ‘leadership’. The new administration is having a bumpy ride and a good many people are pointing to an eminent financial bubble of one sort or another bursting in 2017, seems like it might be a good time for a handy false flag attack like the one that saved Bush and Company in 2001 by giving everybody a common enemy ( didn’t really matter who ), unlimited funding ( for whatever they wanted to do), reduction in Civil Liberties ( you know, for our safety ), and making us forget all those less important issues. Like the Pentagon announcing the week before 911 that it could not account for (lost) 2 trillion dollars, somehow.