American Greatness – Think Again.

A wake-up slap to those that think this country is, or was, anywhere near as great as we are led to believe, by the largest and most well funded propaganda machine on the planet, the U.S. Government, and their enablers.

I still hold hope that we can make even small strides forward despite the power and money amassed against us, but not betting anything on it. To be fair, we are certainly not the only player. We have, however, had more than sufficient opportunity to set humanity on a course that we could be proud to pass to the next generation.

We have the power, wealth, and talent to move in a positive direction. Yet, we have chosen to divide our world into the powerful and the powerless. While the talent that is required to accomplish such a feat is awe inspiring, it’s certainly disheartening. Allow those at top to get more and more, and those at the bottom to get less and less, while keeping those in the middle occupied by consumerism and irrelevant battles, as they choose ( subconsciously or otherwise ) which side they are on. While disaster capitalism and greed ( if they can be separated ) are international, this country has been a prime mover of so many negative actions over the last 200 years. Actions to slow progress and hasten a future that most would not look forward to, even if they had the will to speculate that far ahead. There is little evidence that we are getting smarter in ways that would allow us to make a more peaceful and sustainable world. Unfortunately, evidence for the opposite is in great abundance.

I would advise small doses of the videos below, as they may be counter to what you are being fed by our leadership, those that speak for them, and those that may have a selective and skewed outlook on what being a great country entails. Yes, they are depressing. Just not as depressing as letting the destructive ideas continue unabated.

The first by Chris Hedges warns that we are not only killing each other in the short term and killing our system, but also have set in motion our eventual destruction by killing our habitat. The second one by Aron Ra adds that we are indeed killing our liberty based society by what we allow our leadership to do in our name. The third, from Atheist Edge, how unlikely it is that god(s) will save us, based on past performance. Have a good cry, then stop participating in the destruction.