November 2020 – Time For A New Direction

If there is one thing that is going to sadden me the most about this voting season, it is our failing to take advantage of the economic reset we are about to experience. While I certainly want to replace our current boy king with an adult, we need to take a page out of the playbook used by those that run this show. ‘Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste’. We need to take this opportunity to re-imagine a better system going forward. That means making it clear to the ruling class that we do not want to return to the smoldering dumpster fire that was life for most people. That ‘normal’ everyone seems to be eager to return to. If we return there, we will be hastening our own extinction and taking a good percentage of life on this planet with us. Well, of the ones we have not exterminated already.

We should take advantage of this economic reset and do a political reset. It is time for the U.S. to climb its way back to being one of the top 5 best places to live in the world, as opposed to about 35th, where we are now. Even trying to maintain 35th place is at the price of death, destruction, and misery in many places around the globe, as we try to maintain the appearance of prosperity, prop up a declining empire, and subvert those nations that do not want to join. Who we elect as leaders goes a long way towards making that goal.

The US Dollar is well on its way to being replaced as the currency everybody in the world wanted or needed, at one time. It was the mechanism that allowed the U.S. to be king of the hill for the last 70 years. There is going to be substantial hardship as the Dollar loses what little value it has. Unemployment, the credit crisis, bankruptcies, re-alignment of the financial markets, the ever increasing income gap, and the general decline in our way of life. While the upper income group is quite happy with their way of life, their desperation is increasing. Usually resulting in more loss of liberty for most of the population as power tries to quell the uprising. It is quite possible if we go back to ‘normal’ we will forever lose the opportunity to peacefully reset our society for the better. We can reverse most of the destructive policies that have been put in place if we elect people with the vision to do so.

A positive change will not happen by rotating through the same 50 year old broken parties that got us to this point. Demand better. Demand choices. When was the last time we saw a real choice of leaders and parties to vote for? The 2 party system has made sure inconvenient voices are pushed out of the debate. They no longer have to answer the important questions about how our society functions and what that means for the future. They don’t have to worry about real promises they have to keep. They are fine with the way things are. You should not be.

Let’s take this ‘opportunity’ to make a drastic change. The old ideas have run their course, and here we are. We are in for some hard times, let’s make it worth it by building something better. Something that works for the majority of the people in it, and by extension every other member of this planet that looks to us for leadership and stability, we have neither at this point. We can do better with the power we currently have as a country. That power just needs redirection under the guidance of those that are willing to put people before profit. Remember to vote, but don’t make yourself sick doing it. Our voting system … well, another time.